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I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Temecula​,​ CA specializing in the treatment of couples who want to enhance their connection​,​ communication​,​ and intimacy. Do you and your partner have the same arguments over and over? Do you long to get back to the “good times?” Do you miss laughing together? Do you feel that your spark has dwindled? Couples therapy can help! I believe therapy should work. That means setting clear goals when we start our work and meeting weekly until your goals have been achieved. We also set commitments at the end of each session to insure accountability and direction. What this means is that every client walks out of my office with a plan knowing specifically what they will be working on in the coming week. I work diligently with couples by teaching practical skills to help foster and improve genuine communication​,​ manage conflict​,​ and reduce relationship stress to ultimately increase marital satisfaction and avoid separation and divorce. I provide a safe space for you and your partner to work through your relationship challenges. I don’t take sides​,​ which is the beauty of couples counseling you get to work with someone impartial who is trained to help you and your partner increase communication and rekindle the romance. You can heal from this​,​ you can grow and learn new skills to build your relationship. Of course it takes work​,​ practice​,​ and re-institution of trust and commitment​,​ but I will be here to help guide you through it all. What we focus on in couples therapy : * Improving friendship​,​ fondness​,​ and admiration  * Enhancing romance and intimacy  * Managing conflict constructively * Gaining skills to address perpetual and solvable issues  * Creating shared meaning 


Age/Grade Span

  • Adult

Experience/Education Type/Style/Method

  • Couples Therapy

Tutoring Options

  • Psychology

One on One (in person)

Therapy/Counseling Session$205.00

One on One (online)

Therapy/Counseling Session$205.00


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