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To redeem your WMTRIBE code for your first month FREE of Wonder Math​,​ copy and paste the link below into your browser. https://enroll.wonderlandmath.live/register Use code "WMTRIBE" at checkout to claim your exclusive Home Tribe offer. ABOUT WONDER MATH Wonder Math isn't just another program—it's where numbers and patterns spring to life​,​ kindling young imaginations. This exhilarating adventure marries challenging puzzles with real-world scenarios and hands-on experiences. Tailored specifically for elementary students in grades 2-5​,​ this unique online after-school program combines live tutoring with a story-rich curriculum. It's no wonder it has received glowing reviews from students​,​ parents​,​ and teachers alike! Meeting in small groups of 3-4 with a dedicated tutor each week​,​ learners embark on a journey tailored to their style​,​ nurturing their curiosity​,​ and fueling a passion for math. As they collaborate​,​ compete​,​ and even win prizes​,​ Wonder Math ensures every child not only embraces math but thrives in it! HIGHLIGHTS - Wonder Math uses storytelling to help solidify relationships and concepts in a way that factual statements and numbers alone just can’t. - Our live expert educators are able to provide personalized attention to each student because we keep class sizes small at just 4 students max. - Our lessons are taught 1-3 weeks ahead of our students’ school curriculums. Being prepared builds our students’ confidence and increases enjoyment in the classroom. - Students earn gems throughout the course that they can exchange for real prizes. These incentives motivate and encourage students to overcome challenges. - Your subscription includes all of the above AND a learning kit that comes with fun tools to accompany your child during Wonder Math sessions! For more information check us out at: www.wondermath.com


Age/Grade Span

  • K-5th

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  • Small group, live tutor led weekly classes

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  • Math

One on One (online)

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Online Program$99.00


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