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Victoria Ann Meyers - Home Education Consulting


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Are you curious about homeschooling? Wondering if it could be a good fit for your family? Want to understand how it works​,​ practically and legally in the state of California? Have you ever wondered if home education could be an option if... You're single. Both parents work. You don't have a homeschool community. You don't know where to start. Your family has learning disabilities. You have tried things that didn't work. Victoria Ann Meyers is a second-generation homeschooler with the unique perspective of having been homeschooled and seven years of experience homeschooling her own children. Her personal teaching style blends elements of unschooling and classical education to instill the wonder of exploration as she cultivates a lifelong commitment to learn and grow. And she is here to help you make the right decision for your family. As a single​,​ self-employed mom​,​ Victoria deeply understands that there can be a certain "look" to homeschool families​,​ but also that the opportunities and benefits of homeschooling are not limited to one type of family​,​ one particular method​,​ one type of learner. While homeschooling may not be the best choice for every family​,​ it can be a valuable resource for ANY family​,​ and her goal is to make sure that any families considering homeschool feel empowerd to make a fully informed decison that is best for their unique situation. Booking a session with Victoria includes a 90 minute zoom call that is a safe space to bring your questions​,​ concerns​,​ and obstacles and explore solutions​,​ resources​,​ and alternatives that are aligned with your family's needs​,​ priorities​,​ and long term goals​,​ as well as a follow up email with a summary and additional resources.


Age/Grade Span

  • Early Learning (Ages 0-4)
  • Pre-K
  • K-5th

Experience/Education Type/Style/Method

  • Eclectic
  • Classical
  • Unschooling

One on One (online)

Home Education Consultation$75.00


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