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ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY We bring together a community of parents and educators who share meaningful connections and experiences and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group in order to support one another in raising and educating children so that we nourish their whole being​,​ including their emotional​,​ social​,​ physical​,​ intellectual​,​ moral​,​ spiritual​,​ and nature-connected well-being. ABOUT SUSAN Now well into 30+ years of working alongside children​,​ parents​,​ families​,​ and educators​,​ I work to support you and your child where you are along your journey. I believe that our purpose connects us to something bigger than ourselves as we nurture​,​ guide​,​ and inspire children and ourselves through growth​,​ development​,​ and everyday well-being. Whether you need tutoring for your child​,​ individual or group topic-focused sessions​,​ or a workshop event or series​,​ I'm here for you! LET'S CONNECT 🌎 Instagram: @nurturedinspirations 🌎 SERVICES Children's Reading Support (Tutoring) ~ Quoted Rates are for a 30 min session | Package Pricing Available | Parent & Educator Support ~ Mentorships | Book Talks | Workshops | Courses | Consultation | Coaching | Gatherings Available ~ Tea Talk | Meet & Greet | Talk About It | Q & A | Connect & Collab | Idea Bounce | Homeschool | World School | Unschool ~ Flow of Day | Individual & Group | Child-Centred Gatherings | The Nurtured Inspirations Approach ~ Childhood Reimagined: Discover a program perfect for families | Join the Community ~ a private space free from algorithms​,​ sponsored ads​,​ and paid promotions coming soon ➡️ October 2023 ➡️ AVAILABILITY Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Perfectly Fit to Match Your Needs & Budget | Group Rates Available | DISCOVERY CALL Book a 20-minute​,​ no-strings-attached Discovery Call to see if we're a perfect fit EMAIL: CALENDLY:


Age/Grade Span

  • Early Learning (Ages 0-4)
  • Pre-K
  • K-5th

Experience/Education Type/Style/Method

  • Montessori
  • Eclectic
  • Waldorf
  • Classical
  • Unschooling
  • Charlotte Mason
  • As an Early Childhood Specialist as well as a Reading Specialist with a background in literacy, numeracy, special education, and neurodevelopmental understandings of growth, development, and learning, I support the developmental and learning needs of all children.

Enrichment activities

  • Art
  • Yoga

Tutoring Options

  • Reading
  • English
  • Language Arts

One on One (in person)

Home Education Consultation$65.00

One on One (online)

Home Education Consultation$65.00

Experience/Program Type

Resource Center$27.00


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