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Hi There! My name is K'Dia and I am a home-school educator to my two boys​,​ Kaio and Presley. Homeschooling is a beautiful journey that looks different from family to family​,​ and can be tailored to fit the needs of each and every family. If you've done all the research​,​ read all the articles​,​ then your next step is establishing a Game Plan! And I'm here to help you. We can map out all of the hurdles logistically​,​ financially​,​ and mentally​,​ so that you can be prepared to begin your home-school journey​,​ or transition into that structure from traditional schooling.


Background / Experience

  • College/University Degree (BA, BS,)
  • Home Educator

Age/Grade Span

  • Pre-K
  • K-5th

Experience/Education Type/Style/Method

  • Unschooling

One on One (online)

Home Education Consultation$125.00


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