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Emily W

Little Seeds Co. - Emily Westmoreland


Hi​,​ Im Emily owner of Little Seeds Co. I’m a Christian homeschool Educator specializing in Biblically Curated Play-dough Kits. It’s never too early to plant ‘little seeds’ of Christ in children. Join our 3 Month Bible Play-dough Kit Subscription Service. Each month you will receive a Bible Story Play-dough Kit and an online play session. During the play session I will tell the Bible story while guiding your child’s hands on-play. Our Play-dough Kits are filled with tactile materials that encourage kids to explore with their hands. They stimulate children's senses while also keeping them engaged in the Bible story. Month 1- Creation + Adam and Eve Month 2- Noah’s Ark Month 3- Joseph the Dreamer The kits will ship on the first of each month with 2-3 day shipping. The on-line play sessions will take place the following Monday unless it falls within the 2-3 day shipping window. Then we will move to later in the week. Our Kits are meant to be used over and over again and make great gifts! Benefits of Sensory Play 👋🏼Develops fine motor skills + strengthens little hands 🤖Inspires creativity + imagination 🧩Supports language development​,​ cognitive growth​,​ problem solving skills + social interaction 😌Great for calming an anxious or frustrated child See more details and pictures of our kits in our Etsy Shop. or On Instagram @Little.Seeds.Co


Background / Experience

  • Credentialed Teacher
  • College/University Degree (BA, BS,)
  • Experience in Public School Teaching
  • Home Educator
  • MBA/Masters

Grade span

  • Early Learning (Ages 0-4)
  • Pre-K
  • K-5th

Teaching style

  • Montessori
  • Traditional

Programs Offered

Curriculum + Materials$130.00
Resource Center$130.00


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