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I am an educator who loves to personalize instruction based on the needs of each child and their family. Children learn differently​,​ and I aim to find out how they learn​,​ and teach them in a way that benefits them most. I have been in the world of education since I graduated in 2001 with a degree in history​/​elementary education. I was in the public school classroom from 2001-2016. When I left in 2016​,​ I joined the homeschooling world​,​ helping families to homeschool their children. I also tutor and work on curriculum projects on the side as well. Please note that the prices for my pods and microschools vary based on the number of children. Parent reviews available upon request.


Age/Grade Span

  • Early Learning (Ages 0-4)
  • Pre-K
  • K-5th

Experience/Education Type/Style/Method

  • Traditional
  • I try to find out what works best for each child when I am working with them.

Tutoring Options

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Language Arts

One on One (in person)

Home Education Consultation$75.00

One on One (online)

Home Education Consultation$60.00

Experience/Program Type

Home Education Pod$0.00
Microschool $0.00


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