Michelle de Beer, M.S. (Autism Waitlist)
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Michelle d

Michelle de Beer​,​ M.S. (Autism Waitlist)


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Hi 👋! It's great to see you here. If you are looking for support for your autistic child​,​ you have come to the right place 😊 I have been working with autistic children and their families for 22 years now in Canada​,​ England​,​ Italy and Romania. I currently work with families and children in-person in Vancouver​,​ BC as well as Whitehorse and Dawson City in Yukon. Since 2020 I have also worked with families online​,​ supporting those who lost services or were left waiting even longer for assessment or services during the pandemic. In Canada the waitlist for an autism assessment is 2-3 years​,​ with further waits for services if a child receives an autism diagnosis. This is unreasonably long for any parent or child to wait for help. I am passionate about creating resources and support for parents so that they are not alone waiting​,​ and so they can find the help they are seeking. I believe in a strengths-based and skills-based approach and in leading with understanding.


Age/Grade Span

  • Early Learning (Ages 0-4)
  • Pre-K
  • K-5th
  • 6th-8th
  • 9th-12th

Experience/Education Type/Style/Method

  • Special Needs Education (SLD,OHI,OT)



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